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Chasyr will operate a decentralized ride-share company that applies a community-based solution to the vast problems in the Manual Ride-Hail (MRH) Industry, Electronic Ride-Hail (ERH) Industry, and metropolitan public transit systems.

Chasyr, who recently partnered with the Fresno Grizzlies, an affiliate team with the Houston Astros, is looking to enter into the California rideshare market, after recently acquiring its legal team.
— Forbes
There are also blockchain-powered rideshare startups (Chasyr, Lazooz) that aim to disrupt the industry Uber is now dominating.
— Business.com
Were not making this to see what it does. This is it, we are going to change the ridesharing industry with cryptocurrency regardless.
— Tommy Marquez, CEO of Chasyr - Bitcoin.com
Chasyr has the ability to distribute value much more fairly between the company, driver and user than any of its competitors. Chasyr has the potential to disrupt the disrupters.
— Nav Dhinsa Co-Founder at Chasyr



Origin Protcol

Origin is a protocol for creating peer-to-peer marketplaces
using the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS.