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Chasyr is a California based ridesharing startup that is working tirelessly to create the best rideshare option everyone is waiting for. With our team's 19 years combined experience in the transportation industry as drivers, ambassadors, and business developers, we know what is needed to create a successful ridesharing company. We respect the gig economy’s service providers and know that a change is needed when it comes to being part of it. We are a cryptocurrency powered ridesharing startup that will use blockchain technology to propel forward as the leading edge of ridesharing. Our team and supporters understand the power of cryptocurrency and the benefits it can bring to the gig economy overall. The Chasyr community is a mixture of rideshare drivers, riders and blockchain enthusiasts. The global support we have gotten since we began in July 2017 is growing every day. If you are interested in our new approach towards ridesharing and would like to help us change this industry, get active today.

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We have a few places you can find us online and in person. Please join us and say hello!



We have been selected as one of the startups to showcase our idea and prototype to 10,000 plus attendees, investors and entrepreneurs. If you would like to set up a meeting with us while we are there, please feel free to fill out our contact form.



We will be here and want to meet you. If you would like to set up a meeting with our Co-Founder Tommy Marquez please reach out via email at



Every month we have a meetup at Bitwise Industries. Interested in learning about cryptocurrency, smart contracts or just want to know what we are going to do in the ridesharing industry?

Join Today!

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Anyone who would like to set up a meeting with us while we are at the summit please email



If you are interested in connecting with Chasyr and are at this event feel free to reach out to Nav Dhinsa at

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We are very supportive of innovators and our community. We are very proud to be able to sponsor the biggest Google developers event here in the central valley. Since we plan to build an in house development team it is important for the tech community to know about us in Fresno. Since this event we have gotten lots of interest from experienced developers and even found our Lead Software Engineer Robert Aguilera.


We have very big plans for our city of Fresno when we bring Chasyr from an idea into a reality. Our community supports what we want to do, and we are going to make sure that together everyone wins.  We are proud partners of the farm team of the Houston Astros.

Our booth!


This was our first and most important event, it is where we announced our existence as an idea that would soon turn to a reality wether anyone liked it or not. Luckily everyone who talked to us at our booth really loved what we intend to create and have supported us since. 






Tommy is a former Uber driver with credible national outreach experience in the ridesharing and blockchain space. He has been an advocate for cryptocurrency since 2016. Tommy has a passion for blockchain technology and truly understands the advantages it will bring to this $11 billion dollar industry and the drivers that contribute to its value overall. After driving for rideshare companies for almost 2 years and learning the power of this new technology, Tommy seeks to bring the mainstream to cryptocurrency with Chasyr.


NAV DHINSA - COO & Co-Founder

Nav brings over 10 years of transportation experience as a former employee of ride hailing industry giants like Gett and Addison Lee. He is an avid blockchain enthusiast with a passion to see how its technology can change the transportation industry altogether. Nav strongly believes Chasyr has the ability to distribute value much more fairly between the company, drivers and riders than any of its competitors and will disrupt the disrupters.


ROBERT AGUILERA - Lead Blockchain Developer

Robert is a software engineer with 3 years of experience working for a global market research company. He brings to the team extensive experience in web and mobile app development and a passion for intuitive and beautiful user interfaces. He was recently introduced to the cryptocurrency world by the Chasyr team and since then he's never looked back. He believes that blockchain technology will not only power large applications in the future, but will fundamentally change the industries it's successfully integrated with.


ERNIE RODRIGUEZ - Marketing Coordinator

Ernie has over 9 years experience with brand awareness and leadership with managing and assisting music events and festivals in California. His reputation precedes him when it comes to getting your name out to the people in a face-to-face environment. 


VA HER - Outreach Specialist

Va Her is a service connected Veteran of the U.S. Arm Forces and has 10 plus years in community outreach, brand recognition, community support, and leadership development. As a ridesharing and cryptocurrency enthusiast, Va believes in creating an environment of innovation that progresses with local businesses and the community. He is on the Plan and Implementation Committee with the city of Fresno and also a board member of the largest Hmong New Year Celebration in the United States.


SAHAB - Creative Contributor

Sahab is a widely known musician, artist, and producer in Fresno, CA. He has a keen eye for branding, marketing, and trends. He has contributed his skills to fellow musicians, artists, and a variety of businesses. Sahab is determined to set Chasyr apart from the rest by creating its digital content and overseeing all representation of the brand itself.



FRANK SANCHEZ - Graphic Designer

Born and raised in Fresno, CA with over 17 years of commercial design and print experience, Frank brings a hometown perspective to his design process. Throughout the years, Frank has worked with some of the most recognizable brands in the Central Valley, including Save Mart, CSUFresno and Deli Delicious. Creating marketing material for local venues and musicians would years later, ultimately lead him to a community of technological visionaries looking to change the rideshare industry.


JOSUÉ GÓMEZ - Driver Recruitment Specialist

Josué is a founding Lyft driver in California who has recruited and mentored over 2,500 drivers for Lyft during the company's early years. Since then he has focused solely on recruiting as an ambassador and has contributed to on-boarding thousands of drivers across the nation while being based in Fresno, CA.



David has a wealth of experience within the the transportation and travel industry spanning over 18 years. Working with industry experts: Addison Lee and the Premier Group selling to large blue chip companies like Goldman Sachs, Shell Global and many more. He is a strong advocate for making sure drivers are looked after, as they are the frontline of any ridesharing company.


BRENT BRITTON - Legal Counsel

Brent is licensed to practice law in California, New York, and Florida. He is rated AV-preeminent by Martindale-Hubble, and he is listed annually among the Florida Legal Elite and the Best Lawyers in America. In 2007, he was named a distinguished alumnus of the MIT Media Laboratory.



GREG KARCH - Legal Counsel

Greg is a business transactions lawyer specializing in cryptocurrency, blockchain and smart contracts, including money transmitter laws, ICO’s, token sales, and structuring blockchain startups.

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