Driver Created


This California based startup is founded and ran by an ex-rideshare driver with national driver outreach experience, a passion for blockchain technology and the advantages it can bring to the sharing economy.  The knowledge of what drivers want and riders need is something  creators of a rideshare company should have, and we have it. Drivers are what bring value to any rideshare company, and we know that.


Community Driven


We know the people want a change, and we are here to give it to them.  Anyone and everyone working in the sharing economy will love what we are doing.  Nowadays It's very common to want to find an Uber alternative.  If you're a driver who wants change and is interested in our new approach by using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, please apply to be a Chasyr today.


Self Sustaining


With the passion to be the answer everyone is looking for in the ridesharing industry, we know that not having tons of investors is the only way to give the people what they want.  With blockchain technology we can become a self sustainable rideshare company powered by the people.