Our Story



Tommy Marquez conceived of Chasyr shortly after he started driving rideshare in 2014. This road-warrior logged thousands of driver hours and loved the freedom and flexibility that the rideshare-gig provides its drivers. Tommy quickly gained a reputation in the industry as a thought-leader and prolific driver referrer. In two short years, Tommy identified problems within the rideshare industry and started sharing his vision with like-minded drivers on what a better future could look like. He wanted to build a better rideshare company; one built by the users, for the users, and owned by the users.  In early 2016, Tommy made moves to turn these dreams into a reality.

In preparation for launching Chasyr, he researched competitors to see if anyone was building a platform in which entrepreneurial drivers could have a more significant ownership of their individual businesses. That is how he found Arcade City. Arcade City’s goal was to create a platform where entrepreneurial drivers could create their own ridesharing network. Tommy joined them in hopes of building Chasyr. Tommy served as their California State Director and Outreach Director until the company split in 2017.

After Arcade City and Swarm City split, Tommy led Swarm City’s effort to ensure that all ICO participants were able to exchange Arcade City tokens for Swarm City tokens. After successfully concluding his role in this corporate divorce, Tommy left Swarm City to pursue his dream of Chasyr.

Chasyr has spent the last two years blockchain-educating the public and collecting  a team with over 40 years of combined experience in the transportation industry. They have achieved milestones such as becoming the first blockchain startup to be advertised in a stadium while partnering with the farm team of the Houston Astros. Chasyr was also invited to TechCrunch disrupt and StartupGrind’s Global Conference as 1 of the 134 most innovative startups of 2018.