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The knowledge of what drivers want and riders need is something creators of a rideshare company should have, and we have that. Riders and drivers are what bring value to any rideshare company, and we know this. We are a Fresno, CA based ridesharing startup that is working tirelessly to become the best rideshare option everyone is waiting for.



We know the people want a change, and we are here to give it to them. If you are interested in our new approach towards ridesharing and would like to help us achieve the Chasyr dream, then get active today. The support we have gotten since we began this journey in July 2017 is growing every day. We are humbled and excited to meet all of you. Drivers from all around the world have joined our social media channels to see what we are up to and to get involved. We call them our Chasyr Fam.



We intend to create a cryptocurrency incentivized ridesharing experience by using the power of blockchain technology. Using this innovative approach will help us propel forward as the leading edge of ridesharing. Our founders understand the power of cryptocurrency and how beneficial it could be to anyone who has ever been part of today's sharing economy. It's time for a change and with blockchain technology there is no stopping us.




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Our Chasyr Fam is a mix of rideshare drivers, cryptocurrency enthusiast, technology lovers and of course our local supporters here in Fresno, CA. 


Digital Currencies Educational Trade Fair

Oct. 23rd

Our advisor Nav Dhinsa will be at this event in London representing our team. If you are interested in connecting with Chasyr and are at this event fell free to reach out to Nav at


Chasyr will be sponsoring the yearly DevFest event here in Fresno, CA.

Oct. 22nd

We are very supportive of innovators and our community. We are very proud to be able to sponsor the biggest Google developers event here in the central valley. A goal of ours is to hire an in house team here in Fresno. Interested?

Email our CEO directly at



Corporate partnership with the Fresno Grizzlies

Oct. 10th

We have very big plans for our city of Fresno when we bring Chasyr from an idea into a reality. Our community supports what we want to do, and we are going to make sure that together everyone wins. One day anyone who goes to a Grizzly game will be able to order a Chasyr - Fresno's own ridesharing company.

Meetup Host and Nav Dhinsa

Meetup Host and Nav Dhinsa

Helsinki Ethereum Meetup

Oct. 10th

Connecting with cryptocurrency lovers such as ourselves is very important to us because it is one of the key factors that sets us apart from the everyday ridesharing startups. Since we have an international team already, we feel very lucky to be able to spread the word of Chasyr to our fellow crypto & blockchain enthusiast.

Photo Credit: John the amazing host

Photo Credit: John the amazing host

Silicon Valley Ethereum Developers Meetup

Oct. 10th

Since we are a California startup we are making sure that every developer in our state hears about what we are trying to do. We met some amazing people in Silicon Valley and even some cool blockchain projects. 


Our Monthly Meetup

First Tuesday of the month

We know that it is important to connect with the people of your city while growing as a startup. We now have a monthly meetup at Bitwise Industries for that exact purpose. If you are a fellow Fresnan then make sure to join our meetup group and say hello.

Our booth!

Chasyr Attends TechCrunch Disrupt

Sept. 18-20th

We made lots of valuable connections while presenting Chasyr to the attendees at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco. This is also where we decided to let people know that we were planning to have a token sale. If you don't want to miss any updates of our upcoming token sale then make sure to join our email list.

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