Where will Chasyr be launching?

Fresno, CA will be the first city we are in and where our Headquarters will be. Afterwards we plan to expand within California, then nationally and internationally.

Is there a Chasyr app?

We have begun development and will have our prototype available on our website for all to use before our fundraising begins. We will be making a rider and driver app to be available on iOS & Android devices to be released in 2018. Precise date to be announced.

Will there be surge pricing?

We will not have surge pricing. 

Will insurance be provided?

Yes. We are going to be providing a similar umbrella insurance coverage as Uber and Lyft.

Is Chasyr going to have a token sale?


Will I need to have Chasyr Tokens to use the app?

The Chasyr app will accept credit cards, and Chasyr tokens. Chasyr Tokens will be used for rides, tipping and rewards within the app and will be purchasable within the app as well.

Is there background checks on drivers?

Yes. We are going to fully vet drivers to make sure that using Chasyr is a safe and comfortable experience. All background checks will meet the CA state requirements currently in affect for TNCs.