The knowledge of what drivers want and riders need is something creators of a rideshare company should have, and we have that. Riders and drivers are what bring value to any rideshare company, and we know this. With our experiences in the industry as drivers, riders and ambassadors we intend to create the best experience for our future userbase. A place where we can show the world what the sharing economy should look and feel like instead of what it is today.



With the passion to be the answer everyone is looking for in the ridesharing industry, we know that not having lots of investors is the best way to give the people what they want. Using blockchain technology creates a way for future users and supporters of Chasyr to create value for the brand in more than one way. This will make us self sustainable and unstoppable while not having investors to answer to.



We know the people want a change, and we are here to give it to them. If you are interested in our new approach towards ridesharing and would like to help us achieve the Chasyr dream, then get active today. Since we are only three months old we are moving slow and steady so feel free to help spread the word that we are coming.