Chasyr On Telegram

by Noel McKay

My name is Noel McKay and I am currently managing the Chasyr Telegram platform from UK, where I reside. I have a keen interest on how technology can best serve humanity, particularly in the social media space. I am a dedicated supporter of blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

Since as far back as 2009, there has been a rise in the use of messaging platforms which give the consumer an array of choices on how they would like to communicate. With this technology playing such a significant role in today’s modern-day life, I am confident most readers of this blog have heard of WhatsApp and/or downloaded the app. Facebook acquired WhatsApp in February 2014 for approximately $19.3 billion. By February 2018, WhatsApp had a user base of over one and a half billion, making it the most popular messaging application

In the case of Chasyr, the ride-hailing app, we have decided to make use of the Telegram platform instead.

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging service. Telegram client apps are available for Android, iOS, Windows, Windows NT, macOS and Linux. As with WhatsApp, users can send messages and exchange photos, videos, stickers, audio and files of any type.

Telegram can also support business growth by allowing enhanced interaction with the consumers. This helps provide valuable data on how, for example we at Chasyr, can satisfy the consumer needs. Below, I wanted to highlight some key features which allow the Chasyr community to interact on Telegram

(1) Increase User Engagement

As the administrator of the Chasyr group, Telegram enables me to talk directly to the users who have joined our group.

I can send information to the group members about on-going developments at Chasyr, such as prototype app development or industry events, like Startup Grind, that we are attending. Users can also suggest recommendations to the myself and the rest of the Chasyr team.

(2) Immediate feedback

If a member of the Chasyr Telegram community has a question, he can post it directly in our group. This enables everyone to see the question and I can reply to the whole group, facilitating a live Q&A.

When the community is asked for feedback, for example on product development, Chasyr can make any necessary changes promptly, so we can best serve the consumer. One key development we areworking on, is getting driver feedback on how to improve our app compared to existing ones, such as LyftUberDidi and Grab.

Users can also debate and discuss topics with themselves, which really creates a community ethos. At Chasyr, we really value the ‘wisdom of the crowd’.

(3) Facilitate Group Segmentation

Telegram enables me to request a questionnaire, for example, to be filled out by the users on the platform. Individuals answering can then be categorized by their location, interest, occupation and various other preferences. This allows Chasyr to have a greater understanding of who our users are and how we can serve them best.

The use of Telegram saves time and users have a faster and greater response rate compared to the traditional email channel.

(4) Advertising features

Telegram allows company announcements and advertising within the group, which is the quickest and shortest way to contact the Chasyr community.

In the future users can receive latest promotions such as discount and referral codes for rides. We will also be posting competitions in the group; users can then send them to their friends and win a prize, such as ride credit, for doing so.

(5) Telegram allows URL links from the main social media platforms

URL links regarding Chasyr, blockchain or ride-hailing can be seamlessly transferred to the Telegram platform from e.g. Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. This enables all information to be readily available in one place, where it can then be gathered and organized correctly. This makes posting and conveying news very easy.

(6) Increased Privacy

A key feature of Telegram is security and privacy that enable users to operate without any centralized interference.

Telegram has cutting edge technology such as: secret chats to offer end-to-end encryption that leaves no trace on the company servers. It also lets you send ‘snapchat-type’ self-destruct timers on messages and you can check the security of your secret chats.
The above is in line with the decentralization ethos that Chasyr is championing.

Overall, there are several benefits to Telegram and a key reason we chose to use this platform is its security and the benefits of user engagement. Information going through a central network can be tapped into and used by any government agencies as opposed to a decentralised network which is peer to peer and created differently in structure.

The use of Telegram also ties in with the guiding beliefs and ideals of our company, which are decentralization and a community driven app that values the drivers and users.

To begin receiving your Chasyr updates via the Telegram and position yourself to benefit from our token sale, simply click the link and register:

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