Going Global Through Market Disruption.

by Jat Spall (Head of Partnerships) at Chasyr

Having worked with, studied, analysed and seen the results of literally thousands of businesses, I have seen first-hand what enables a brand to scale up to the millions vs what keeps a brand small and unnoticed.

What creates scale, is not the size of the problem that the business solves, it is the scalability of the solutions that a business gives; that makes the difference.

Industries that scale the fastest and quickest are ones which typically create the largest user databases, the quickest where constant user acquisition is the normal – so think tech (Google, Facebook, Twitter), Transport (Uber, Lyft, Chasyr) and accommodation (Airbnb, Booking.com).

In all of these above examples we have seen recent and massive disruption behind normal business models, we used to upload pictures and info to static platform type databases such as Friends Reunited in the UK, Myspace, we used to go to a purpose built hotel by calling their operator to see if they had rooms or not and we used to book a cab by calling an office and waiting for a cab to come out especially for us wherever we were.

The disruptors in all of these markets and industries have removed these normal behaviours. Now we can use all 3 in real time online via apps and soon DApps. A DApp is a service that enables direct interaction between end users and providers (e.g. connecting buyers and sellers in some marketplace, owners and storers in file storage).

Think of Airbnb - a room in a house can be made available online at the drop of a hat so when you next are looking for one in a specific location Airbnb will make it come up in your searches in a split second even though the room is still being cleaned. It will even let you target certain users for certain rooms in certain locations which are not even hotels without a receptionist or staff.

Think of Facebook and over a billion users can share their photos and messages and updates in real-time and virtually meet people who they would never have met before all in real time in whatever time zones they are in.

Think of Uber and you can now call for a cab wherever you and your phone is and the software will send the nearest cab to you to come out to you, no money will need to be exchanged and no directions or instructions given as the software takes care of everything telling the rider and the driver exactly where to go and how the journey is going to go. However a problem still exists, there are high fees and drivers are earning relatively less than a few years ago, so these new disrupters are far from being the final solution / finished product.

New Market disruptors are now disrupting even these disruptors in a new digital age, Geo–Targeting is happening at an alarming rate to draw things into and out of social media and transport from just about everywhere. Just take a look at your feed and you will see hundreds of targeted ads that know where you live and what you do so the ad is specifically targeted at you. Things like Amazon Echo, the Tesla car and your Smart TV is recording what you’re interested in, where you are going and where you have been. The Chasyr team is exploring ‘Star Trek’ style innovative ideas like ordering a Chasyr ride on a decentralized Alexa and taking a picture of a restaurant you are outside and a car comes to pick you up without typing in the address!

The Blockchain is now fast coming into play to potentially disrupt single value exchange possible, disrupting the disruptors and creating a whole new playing field for the value exchange of networking, transport, retail. It will potentially affect the back end of just about everything we use at mass scale.

Chasyr’s use of the most recent tech stacks will enable them to merge the revolutionary technology and value exchange of the blockchain with the convenience behind geographically targeting a passenger anywhere in the world. This will make the experience not only faster and more convenient but ultimately a lot cheaper too. Imagine the implications that this could have across all industries if transport was a lot cheaper and instantly accessible – how far could this disrupt the disruptor?

Ladies and Gentleman, I welcome Chasyr the ‘Decentralized Uber.’

About the author

Jat has 20+ years of experience and a track record in Entrepreneurship, Education and Training, Recruitment, Consumer electronics and IT sectors. Proven ability to design and initiate effective strategies for fast-paced business opportunities. He also works with Daniel Priestley and the team at ‘Dent Global’ helping entrepreneurs create more influence and stand out above the noise.


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