Take a Ride on the Blockchain

Ahem, ahem.. hello everyone we are Chasyr.

We are an early stage ridesharing startup that will use blockchain technology to create a place where users can connect directly in a transparent way while building a public reputation within our brand. We will be the first truly self sustainable ridesharing service in the world and invite you to be a part of what we are doing. We love to drive with passengers and without, hang out with friends and talk about cryptocurrency.

Below is our story. Please read and contact us if you would like to get involved. Thank you and Happy 4th!

Driver Created, We Know What’s up!

Founder Tommy Marquez  has been a rideshare driver for over 5 years and was known by the local Uber HQ as the “Referral King” for his amount of driver signups in a short amount of time in his hometown Fresno,CA. After realizing his marketing potential he then started a referral website called New to Rideshare. It hosted the first ever Uber driver referral program which allowed anyone to benefit from Uber driver bonuses of up to $750 per signup instead of just a $20 ride credit. He quickly learned the power of incentives in the sharing economy. This ended up getting him deactivated by Uber for “mass promoting” and signing up drivers in several states without being an company affiliate in early 2016. He continues to drive for Lyft til this day.

Shortly after getting deactivated from Uber he stumbled across his next venture…

Some may already recognize his name or face if they have ever heard of Arcade City.


He was never an employee, but he did believe that if he helped them succeed then he would eventually have the tool needed to create Chasyr one day. For one year Tommy was the unofficial face of the brand and outreach director who actually gave the advice to go full force in Austin, TX after Uber and Lyft left. This ultimately got the attention from several major news sites and big cryptocurrency investors such as Roger Ver. He then spent 5 weeks in Austin building the brand and maintaining the local community of drivers with the Texas director until the CEO could figure out what to do next.

After seeing the AC brand thrive and attracting more investors, Tommy thought that a functional product was finally going to be delivered. However, after seeing that hardly any of the raised funding was being used for the development of an app, he walked away with nothing but knowledge of the power of blockchain and a motivation to do it himself somehow. Shortly after that, most of the Arcade City founders and development team left with Tommy to create Swarm City in January 2017.

Dinner with Swarm City and MyCrypto CEO.

Dinner with Swarm City and MyCrypto CEO.

Tommy has been involved extensively with Swarm City as its marketing director by creating video updates/editing and assisting with management of their global tester group, and creating its marketing team. He is not a core member, but was probably the biggest enthusiast of Swarm City.

“I have a public reputation to clean up after being involved with a company such as Arcade City. It’s a shame that nothing came from AC, but I couldn’t stick around while knowing i had a vision to pursue.” — Tommy Marquez

The Chasyr secret sauce!

Using Ethereum’s Blockchain technology will set us apart from other ridesharing services. Here is a few reasons why this is an advantage…

Reputation has always been something most gig economy users would call a rating system. This is where all the 5 star Uber drivers will boast about how awesome they are while showing you how many trips they have done. Now imagine if you could see all of that before requesting a ride in your area. Not only will you be able to see how many successful rides your potential driver has given while driving for Chasyr, but drivers will actually be able to do the same before even choosing to take your request. This allows choice and the motivation to be the best user in the community that you can be.

Tokens used in Chasyr will be an experience similar to buying upgrades in game apps that have their own coins. Chasyr will have a type of token that users will need to have to request or give rides. This is one reason why using a newly created cryptocurrency will become something better than just your average driver bonus. Instead of giving a driver a few hundred dollars for wanting to drive under our brand, we will show them the power of creating transactions with cryptocurrency.

As stated best in this article by The Wall Street Journal,

“…incentivizing early adopters, who are rewarded if the network grows, not just the central company that owns it.Imagine if the first Uber drivers and riders had gotten a stake in the network.”

This is why we won't need to have a referral system to attract users who are use to joining a gig economy app because of its new member incentives. Early Chasyr adopters who take advantage of being first will then automatically be incentivized to help make it successful. Simply stated, the more transactions that happen on Chasyr the better, the more valuable the tokens can become. We believe Chasyr will be a huge part of history related to the Blockchain because of this and know that this will be the reason we will be able to go up against giants like Uber. We will be the first community driven and self sustainable rideshare company ever.

This is Only the Beginning

Our goal is to build and prepare our brand Chasyr in the following years so that our users can start taking rides on the blockchain as easy and safe as possible.

Thanks for reading. It was nice meeting ya!

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